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Hello, 2010!

January 4, 2010

Bye, Annie's. You were awesome.

Four days in, and I haven’t yet decided if I’m going to make formal resolutions for this year. But I’ve got 12 months. right?

At any rate, here is how I rang in the new year, and I highly recommend it for anyone:
1. Drink a glass of free champagne
2. Kiss boyfriend
3. Sing “Crazy on You” by Heart in the karaoke room
4. Walk 2.5 miles towards home (wear good shoes), and then take a taxi up the nasty hill, because it’s 3am.



November 29, 2009

This is it, folks. The culmination of an entire year of work. This is no mere student show. This is professional. This is amazing. I have a solo, and I feel really strong about it, as well as all the numbers I’m in (which is many this year!).

I’m dreaming of four sold out shows. I hope you can make this happen. I’m starting to sound like a broken record, but this show is extremely important to me, and I really want to see everyone who can be there.

More info and tickets can be found here:
PLEASE make an effort. It’s worth it.


Tweets of yore

October 20, 2009

So I decided to delete my Twitter account. It was yet another social networking site to keep up with, and I found myself less and less interested. Here is a collection of the only things on Twitter I ever said that were interesting (out of a very long list of boring-as-dead items).

Okay, yeah, you win.
4:27 PM Nov 11th, 2008

I suspect that the name “Quickly” is a bit of a misnomer.
1:44 PM Nov 14th, 2008

1:34 PM Nov 20th, 2008

Cute tee, brown dockers, black chucks: I look like a very cute lesbian today
.9:23 AM Nov 21st, 2008

Who plays TATU at a Day 1 party? LIFE TECHNOLOGIES, that’s who.
3:54 PM Nov 24th, 2008

Best Thing Ever: World’s Largest Moose:
3:22 PM Dec 1st, 2008

10:27 AM Dec 10th, 2008

I don’t think you should be allowed to wear a fur coat and flip flops at the same time, for more than one reason.
6:51 PM Dec 13th, 2008

All Hail President Worf. YAY!
10:25 PM Dec 15th, 2008

Toluene, why you gotta be a bitch?
1:42 PM Jan 21st

The bridge in Womanizer is completely unnecessary and, in fact, detracts from the rest of the song.
9:49 AM Feb 6th

Someone ended up at my Flickr by searching for “grandma soup machine.” I think I need to start a new band.
11:32 AM Feb 12th

I think Grandma Soup Machine should be alt-country, since that’s what I’m in the mood for.
12:21 PM Feb 12th

1:10 PM Feb 12th

Jerry, don’t eat the bedroom corn!
3:22 AM Mar 8th

Spock’s dad is Lionel Luthor! I’ve never said anything more geeky!
9:54 PM Mar 9th

I dreamed of tiny golden keyboards hidden inside sewing machines. Your chat was instantly embroidered.
9:18 AM Apr 3rd

What I learned this weekend: There’s a fine line between Axl Rose and Ethel Merman.
6:33 AM Apr 6th

Dive bombed by seven ducks.
3:49 PM Apr 22nd

I am drinking water out of a pickle jar. Well, a former pickle jar.
10:15 PM May 14th

I had a dream I was a ballerina and now I’m pretty sure I can do anything.
1:48 PM Jun 4th

8:43 AM Jun 5th

Eating the last of the cinnamon bears, and found a spare head floating around. It was tasty.
12:03 PM Jun 16th

I’m pretty sure I won’t drink a cocktail made with mayonnaise.
11:43 AM Jun 30th

OH: all black people on TV look like Jordi La Forge.
8:35 PM Jul 1st

OH: that’s my gay farmer porn music!
9:14 PM Aug 5th

Took an extra trip to the sixth floor of Macy’s for the marble bathroom. It may be my favorite bathroom in SF other than my house.
5:30 PM Aug 30th

Everyone needs their own autotune gadget. We shall carry them around in huge hats like T-Pain.
3:47 PM Sep 2nd

OH: Conclusion: Elton John is gay for camels.
2:33 PM Sep 3rd

Happy happening Hebrew hobo clown!
7:52 PM Sep 5th


So that happened

August 3, 2009

I’m 32 now. I’m still thinking about what this means. I’ll share when I know. It might be a while.


Sometimes I crack myself up

June 26, 2009

So I was going through some old emails, and I found this nugget, on the day Tim Russert passed away:

Me and ol’ Tim had a bit of a powwow this morning while he was on his way upstairs. We’re even stevens, baby. We shared a secret handshake that lasted at least seven minutes and included the watusi.

I still find this funny. I don’t know why.


The Origins of Hobo Leg

May 7, 2009

I blame my clever friends. Leftie will be known as Hobo Leg from now on.


My Good Deed For The Week

March 25, 2009

Last night I was heading to dinner with some friends in San Jose when both lanes of traffic slowed, then stopped. This was highly unusual for this area, so Jesse and I craned our necks to see what the hold up was. A scared looking dog was running back and forth across the lanes.  I don’t know what breed, but she was smaller than knee height, with a coat like a Rhodesian Ridgeback. I pulled the car over and called to her, and she immediately ran over to us. Her only tag was for a rabies vaccination, but luckily there was a phone number on there, though not the owner’s. A very nice and helpful lady answered the phone, and found the owner, and gave him my phone number. Meanwhile, the dog was perfectly content to stand between us, my finger hooked through her collar. She was very sweet. The owner arrived no less than five minutes later. Evidently they’d been playing in the park when a boy used an air horn and scared the poor girl, and she bolted.

I’m so glad they were reunited, and that I had a part in it. And now that I have seen the perfect dog – seriously, the right kind of coat, the right size, good temperament, why didn’t I take a picture? – I will spend the rest of my life trying to find another dog just like this one. Damn.