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Ask and ye shall receive.

April 28, 2011

Let’s start with this:

Suffice to say, I have excellent friends, who have excellent friends, and less than an hour later,  ended up with this:

Photo by Matthew Oden

Thank you, internet!


Forgetting the big picture

February 4, 2011

I haven’t even mentioned the move! Goodness me, last November me and the Real Estate Agent* finally made the big move and found a nice two bedroom** on the edge of Noe Valley and Glen Park. I keep meaning to make a picture tour and soon enough I will. But it’s been a few months and things are going swimmingly*** and I couldn’t be happier.****

* Just in case you don’t know, he is NOT a real estate agent, but this is a nickname Tanya gave him years ago that I love, for reason I don’t even understand.
** Which still doesn’t have a name, much to my consternation.
*** A word that I wouldn’t even undertand except for the best game on earth, Mad Libs.*****
**** You should be jealous.
***** Did you know that’s only been in the last year that I realized the connection between the phrases “Ad lib” and “Mad Libs?” Ah, adulthood.


My Mind’s a Little Blown

September 28, 2010

So I was listening to KFOG on the way down to work, and I heard “Spinning Wheels” by Blood, Sweat & Tears,* and I realized that “War Photographer” by Jason Forrest is just a remixed version of it. CRAZY.

Reference: **

*not to be confused with Earth, Wind & Fire, or fifteen other bands that get mashed in my head as “& bands”
** God, the video is still SO GOOD.


Don’t Eff with the Mace

July 8, 2010

So I don’t have a Tumblr – frankly, I can barely keep up on the sites that I do follow, but I am sad that I miss divine things like this, sent to me by Nomiland:


An important discovery

June 23, 2010

When your salad contains fresh cut corn from the cob and an heirloom tomato, you don’t actually need dressing.



This creates more questions than it answers

April 9, 2010

My best friend recently sent me this:

1. Romance? On a COPS show?
2. There was an ANIMATED version of COPS and I didn’t know?!?


Dear Internet:

January 8, 2010

There are a lot of pictures and photos of octopus on the internet, and there are a lot of pictures and photos  of moose on the internet, but there doesn’t seem to be a single picture or photo of BOTH ANIMALS on the internet. Please fix this ASAP.