Obligatory Bad-Ass Shot

My name is really Mace. My parents don’t hate me, and it’s not short for anything. Please don’t think you’re clever if you make a hissing sound after my name, trust me, I’ve heard it before. I love my name – I was named after my paternal grandmother, and her mother, and her mother. 

 I live in San Francisco. I like to pretend I’ve lived here all my life, but I was raised 60 miles south in San Jose. I’m a chemist, a flamenco dancer, a reluctant soprano, and I think about robots a lot. I’m not sure if I have enough interesting things to say.

I hate beets.

I started this blog because I’m pretty sure I annoy my best friend and boyfriend with my random thoughts. Sometimes I won’t stop thinking about something until I write it down, so I suppose it’s better to do it here.

I like turtles.

 You can also find me here, here, and here.


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