Show #2 (2011): Geographer

March 2, 2011

Seen at the Independent with Jenn and Nomi

Photo by Nomi

I finally made it to a Noise Pop show! I manage to miss all of them year after year. This show was four bands, and I was only familiar with Geographer, the headliner, going in. The Funeral Party wasn’t bad, but I just didn’t connect with them or their sound. K. Flay, a white girl who makes her own beats and then raps over them, kept my attention. My only complaint is that her voice is quite breathy and so I couldn’t understand a lot of what she was saying. But she had excellent flow and some intriguing musical choices. As for Butterfly Bones, just not my thing. It made me feel like I was in an 80s movie and we were at the prom, but not in a good way. Everything sounded the same very quickly.

Geographer was way beyond the other acts, and they deserved to be the headliners. I’ve seen them several times now, and they continue to improve. The new songs are in a different direction but a natural evolution of their sound. I am officially a fan.


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