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Forgetting the big picture

February 4, 2011

I haven’t even mentioned the move! Goodness me, last November me and the Real Estate Agent* finally made the big move and found a nice two bedroom** on the edge of Noe Valley and Glen Park. I keep meaning to make a picture tour and soon enough I will. But it’s been a few months and things are going swimmingly*** and I couldn’t be happier.****

* Just in case you don’t know, he is NOT a real estate agent, but this is a nickname Tanya gave him years ago that I love, for reason I don’t even understand.
** Which still doesn’t have a name, much to my consternation.
*** A word that I wouldn’t even undertand except for the best game on earth, Mad Libs.*****
**** You should be jealous.
***** Did you know that’s only been in the last year that I realized the connection between the phrases “Ad lib” and “Mad Libs?” Ah, adulthood.


Show #1 (2011): Una Nota Flamenca

February 4, 2011

Seen at Mission Cultural Center with La Centella

This really straddles the line of “music performance,” but I justify it by saying I was there mostly to see Christo Cortes. As I mentioned last year, he blew me away last year in Vancouver with his singing, and he was just as magnificent this year, in my own hometown. The show on the whole was uneven, but when it worked, it was downright amazing. I’ve always loved watching Cristina Hall perform. The guest dancer, Manuel Gutierrez, floored me with his passion and focus. At one point, I actually had to look away, so convinced that he was looking right through me, like a laser. I’m usually a little ambivalent about symphonic instruments in Flamenco performances, but Alex Conde, the pianist, was phenomenal. I had wanted to see this on the big stage, but I’m extremely glad I went with the Tablao option. It inspired me and made want to dance!