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Cranky Old Person

October 22, 2010

My goal in chronicling all of the concerts I go to is twofold: one, to make you jealous, and two, so I can actually remember who I’ve seen, and when and where. I’m massively behind, like six months behind, but there’s a reason. Some of these shows aren’t great memories. I should add that every band was fantastic, but I find that all I want to write about is the audiences.

And there is the problem. That shouldn’t be the focus. I don’t want to just sit around and complain about other people; it serves no purpose and makes me angry. It makes me feel two steps away from a “get off my lawn” moment. However, this last week, I realized that I was closer to yelling at youngins than I thought. The reason I’m around all these rude, noisy people is because I’ve been hanging out in the back of audiences lately. For the last twenty years, I’ve always arrived early and secured a good position, usually about five to ten people back, and under an air vent, if possible. The people up there are there to hear music, and to interact with the band, and hopefully not there to drink, or stand around and talk to their friends. The down side is that you’re crammed in there.  Lately I’ve felt like having my own space, and therefore I’m near the back, where the less committed can be found. So it’s my own fault!

But see! Now that I know, I’m going to start elbowing myself up to the front again, so I can lose myself in the music and the energy of the true fans. And if anyone complains, I’ll tell them to get off my law and let the old lady up front.


New Goal

October 14, 2010

I’ve decided to stop putting so much energy in being jealous of you, and instead intend on making all of you jealous of me instead.

Item: I fed a sea turtle! Proof: