Goodbye, 2009!

December 31, 2009

I keep hearing over and over again, on the radio, on blogs, on television, how 2009 was a terrible year and everyone’s looking forward to 2010. I appreciate the optimism (as I am an optimist, buried deep down under a cool veneer of cynicism and sarcasm), but this year wasn’t that bad for me.  I painted my bathroom,  got a brand new sister, sang a lot of karaoke, played a lot of Rock Band (including Beatles!), realized over and over that I have a great set of friends, lost fifteen pounds, saw some awesome shows, and was IN an awesome show (and from what I’ve heard, did quite well. I still can’t watch the video of my solo. Someday.)

I’m looking forward to 2010, as I expect every year to be greater than the one before.  Of course, I’m coming into the New Year without the ability to breathe out of my nose, thanks to back to back colds. They say if March comes in like a lion, it goes out like a lamb. I’m going to say if 2010 comes in like cement-filled sinuses, it’s going to go out with Puppy Dogs and Rainbows.

Happy 2010, everyone.



  1. You know this, but I hear you. I don’t know what to say to people when they’re like, “Everyone had a really bad year” and I’m like…um, I didn’t! Sorry?

  2. I’d say my 2009 was a solid year. It had it’s good times, it’s great times, and it’s scary, sad, and bad times…but I think it evened itself out by the end.

    This year definitely has the potential for greatness…as does every new day. My cynical/sarcastic side can’t really compete with a day spent with good friends, mimosas, and chocolate cake!

  3. Erica, to 2010 being even better than a not-so-bad 2009! (I wish you were here, and we had champagne.)

    Tina, one of the bad things about 2009 was only seeing you, like, four times. NOT ENOUGH. Let’s get together soon (and make cake). (And then dance it off.)

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