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Hooray and Oops

September 10, 2009

So it’s 1:35 in the morning and I’ve just gotten home from a marathon of Rock Band Beatles. We finished the basic story line, though it took four hours and a hefty amount of cookies. I drummed mostly, sang a little, tried to harmonize, plucked some easy guitar. And now it’s 1:40am and I can’t remember if I have a 8:00am meeting tomorrow or not. This would nice information to know.

Hey, good job, kfan and folks at Harmonix. Totally fun game!
And thanks to Miguel for letting me rock!


New Mice Adventures

September 8, 2009

As you faithful readers will know, I’ve had some troubles with mice before. I’m happy to report that since Jack moved in, there have been blessed few run-ins with the tiny creatures. And then this last week!

Last weekend, Trevor and I were running late (this is pretty much normal operations at my house, both of us enjoying sleeping, and arguing over who has to shower first), and as I came out of the bathroom, I heard Trevor making strange exclamations and grunting sounds. It turns out a mouse had run into the house with Jack, and they were…. playing? According to Trevor, the mouse kept purposely running under the cat, which is very unlike any other mouse I’ve seen. Still in a towel, I wasn’t really in a place to help, but I grabbed the broom and handed it over. Finally getting it in a good position, Trevor did his best Wayne Gretzky impersonation and slapshot the mouse out the open door. The mouse then ambled (ambled!) over to the edge of the deck and disappeared.

This weekend, I was doing a little cleaning (with my three brooms and a roomba, I should really be doing this more often), and I noticed a couple of bumps under the rug in the entry way. Jack has recently discovered the extreme fun of batting bottle caps around, and I’d found several of them under there before, so I lifted and shook out the rug. Two bottle caps came flying out, as well as a dead mouse. I have no idea how long it was under there, though it couldn’t have been long as it didn’t look like it was very decayed. It was, however, pretty flat, which was pretty gross.  It’s bad enough to be dead, but to also be trod upon? Sorry, tiny grey mouse.

Here’s the odd thing: there have been no traces of mouse activity in my kitchen. I’ve been very lazy about my food containment, leaving food out on the counter on a near daily basis, and I haven’t seen a single bite mark or telltale poop. So what have these mice been doing in my apartment? What do you think?