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These dreams…

August 18, 2009

So this morning, I was going to interview David Bowie. But we were going to have the interview at an old bus stop, with a Victorian looking lamp and lovely wooden benches. David Bowie arrives on a very small vehicle that was travelling down tracks that looked like they hadn’t been used in decades. He has with him a woman I don’t recognize, and Jeremy Piven. They decide that this location is too dark and cold to do the interview, and we were discussing other locations when I woke up.

1. Why was I going to interview David Bowie? I have no affiliations or reasons to do so.
2. Why did David Bowie’s entourage include Jeremy Piven? Is it just because of the word Entourage?
3. How awesome is it that David Bowie has his own track-based form of travel?


So that happened

August 3, 2009

I’m 32 now. I’m still thinking about what this means. I’ll share when I know. It might be a while.