My Good Deed For The Week

March 25, 2009

Last night I was heading to dinner with some friends in San Jose when both lanes of traffic slowed, then stopped. This was highly unusual for this area, so Jesse and I craned our necks to see what the hold up was. A scared looking dog was running back and forth across the lanes.  I don’t know what breed, but she was smaller than knee height, with a coat like a Rhodesian Ridgeback. I pulled the car over and called to her, and she immediately ran over to us. Her only tag was for a rabies vaccination, but luckily there was a phone number on there, though not the owner’s. A very nice and helpful lady answered the phone, and found the owner, and gave him my phone number. Meanwhile, the dog was perfectly content to stand between us, my finger hooked through her collar. She was very sweet. The owner arrived no less than five minutes later. Evidently they’d been playing in the park when a boy used an air horn and scared the poor girl, and she bolted.

I’m so glad they were reunited, and that I had a part in it. And now that I have seen the perfect dog – seriously, the right kind of coat, the right size, good temperament, why didn’t I take a picture? – I will spend the rest of my life trying to find another dog just like this one. Damn.



  1. Good job. Daisy J. Dog and I approve.

  2. A cross dressing cat, oh my

  3. what kind of kid uses an airhorn in the park!? I’m glad you were there to be the reuniter. Yay!

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