3rd Show of 2009: Tapes ‘n Tapes!

March 5, 2009

Oy, I am seriously behind. I mean, I went to this show on January 23rd. And I’m just getting around to writing about it NOW? Oops.

First off, I was saddened by memories of my two block walk from my car to The Great American Music Hall. I was shouted at by no less than six different guys, with a range from “Whoo-OOO” to “Shake it, don’t break it,” and my personal favorite, “The sistas in this hood gonna be jealous of YOU.” One offhand comment I can stand. Over half a dozen and I start to feel gross. It was bad enough that I was trying to scope out people at the concert who I could get to walk me back to my car. As it happened, I just pretended I was on the phone and walked very fast.

This was another adventure in solo concert-going, which I am still not used to. I just don’t know what to do between bands, especially when I’m not interested in drinking. I spent most of my time wandering around the small space and people watching.

I missed the first band, and the second band was… I usually try to be kind, but these guys were just bad. There wasn’t anything notable about their music, and they just couldnt’ hold my interest. I went to the bathroom just to stand in line where it was a little quieter, and to kill time. When I came out, they were singing “F*** San Francisco,  f*** California.” Now the song was about being sick of everything, but I can’t imagine this was very popular with the audience. It wasn’t with this member.

Tapes ‘n tapes pleasantly wiped away all that, though. They rocked hard, and the audience rocked right along with them. I’m not as familiar with their second album as much as their first, and so I felt like I was hearing half the songs for the first time, and they were good.  The stoned kid next to me kept high fiving me, which could be have been obnoxious, but instead came across cute.


Totally unrelated: someone brought puppies to work yesterday, and they were so, so cute, and I FORGOT TO TAKE PICTURES. Shame on me.


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