Small successes with Jack

February 13, 2009

This morning, on an odd whim, I went on the Great Toy Hunt of 2009. Jack has a ton of toys, and I can’t find a single one. So I got out the trusty wind-up flashlight (courtesy of the best neighbors ever upstairs), and searched. Now, I live in a rather small one-bedroom apartment, with furniture that either rests on the floor, or has a nice gap under it. There’s not a lot of places one* could hide toys. A few weeks ago I found a few things shoved under the shelving unit in the pantry. Now I keep the door closed when I’m not cooking.

Today was very successful! I found all four of Jack’s ping pong balls under the wire shelving in the closet, the only place in the house with a small enough space that little kitten arms can’t really reach. And I’m so glad I found those, because the ping pong balls are Jack’s favorite. He will chase those things around the house for ages, and by himself, and it really tires him out. Which I need to happen, because lately he’s been wanting to play in the middle of the night. When I refuse, he takes the time to slowly and knowingly knock everything in the bedroom over/off where it is. Then he will stand on the dresser and play with the door until I wake up.

I’m so glad I found this site. It makes me a lot more optimistic about a future nighttime when we can all be happy.

* By one, I mean Jack.


One comment

  1. Aww. My English Pointer absolutely loves ping pong balls too. She runs in giant laps, throwing the ball out of her mouth to go fetch it herself. I love that she’s found a way to play by herself AND get out all that excess energy when I’m busy.

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