Jack’s Big Adventure

February 3, 2009

Jack’s big adventure, originally uploaded by maceelaine.

So Jack‘s had the sniffles for a few days, so it was time to take him to his very first vet visit. I had been meaning to take him in anyway, just to make sure he was normal.
Lacking other transport, I used the cardboard kitty carrier that brought him home to me, six months ago. He more or less completely filled it, and was very not happy crossing the bridge. I had never heard him complain so much!
Arriving in Berkeley (at the wonderful Campus Veterinary!), we discovered that in his excitement, Jack had urinated in the box, and had lost it’s structure, so that got tossed out.
The visit went well. I was sad to hear that my cat has feline herpes, but this is evidently common and nothing to worry about. He’ll just get the sniffles when he’s stressed out. He got some meds, and off we went, in a new cardboard box, courtesy of the vet.
Jack was even less enthusiastic about getting back in a box, and managed to find the weak point in the seam before I even left the office. Thanks to the efforts of about four people, we reinforced the seams and it was time to get home.
About two blocks from the vet, Jack punched a huge hole in the SIDE of the box, nowhere near any of the seams or anything. He began to wander around the car while I panicked. I couldn’t put him back in the box, he’d just escape out the hole again. I had no way of containing him!
To make me even more nervous, he immediately began panting like a dog, which is NOT normal behavior. Luckily, after a cursory investigation of the entire car, Jack found a comfy spot in the backseat and hung out there for the rest of the HOUR LONG drive (of course there was horrible traffic down University, and crossing the bridge, it was Saturday. I felt dumb).
As soon as I got him back inside the apartment, he stopped panting and was acting completely normal. We decided that it was probably a combination of stress and the fact that his nose is all stuffed up.
He’s been pretty good about letting me give him his meds, and he’s already sneezing much less.

But what an exciting day!


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