25 Tidbits

February 3, 2009

I got tagged to do a “25 Random Things about You” thingy on Facebook, and so I thought I’d share here, too.

1. I have only one tattoo, which I got when I was 18, which seems like eons ago. It was long enough ago that they weren’t called tramp stamps then, I can tell you that. I have at least three more that I have planned, but lack time and money.
2. When I was young, I wanted to learn the cello, based solely on the movie “The Witches of Eastwick.”
3. I tell everyone that I’m five foot nine, but really I’m only five foot eight and a half.
4. I currently have a homemade poster in my living room with sticky notes detailing all the things I fret about, in order of importance. I’ve started tackling those in the A list.
5.  I’m happy to report that for the first time in my life, “what my friends secretly think of me” is NOT on that list. I’m completely sure my friends actually like me. This was not always the case in my life.
6.  I cannot touch my toes (yet).
7.  My mom and I went to get our second ear piercings together, when I was in second grade. Mine has practically closed, while mom has added no less than five more holes in her ears.
8.  I started dancing Flamenco as something to do between chemistry and math classes during community college. Now, then years later, it’s all I want to do.
9.  That’s not entirely true. I love my job. I love being a scientist, and not just because it impresses people when I tell them I do Synthetic Organic Chemistry. It’s fun and cool.
10. I was blond for an entire year. I was interviewing for my first professional post-college job, so I had to keep touching up my roots. With my pale complexion, I did NOT make a great blonde.
11. Rumor has it I have relatives in the Donner Party. No, that does not mean I have a taste for human flesh.
12. Beets anger me.
13. I have never been in a hospital emergency room.
14. I was named after my dad’s mother. She was named after her mother, and her mother before her. I’m the fourth Mace. I’m glad there’s no IV after my name, though. That would be silly.
15.I convinced my sister, when she was small, that I had no belly button. I’d pull up my shirt (with pants high), and then pull down my pants (with shirt low) and she almost believed me. She was, of course, suspicious, because she is not an idiot.
16. Despite what my mother and sister say, I HAVE NEVER POOPED ON A WALL.
17. When I was 14, we visited Disneyland, and while posing with star characters, I was molested by Goofy. He didn’t do anything specific, but I felt dirty afterwards. I was trying to alert my mother, and her response was “Hold on, I’m focusing.”
18. When I drop people off out of my car, I almost always wait and make sure they get inside before driving off. Just in case.
19. is my favorite number, because I couldn’t make up my mind between 9 and 10. I like 9 and 10 for dorky, math-related reasons.
20. I was two classes away from getting a minor in mathematics AND english, but Physical Chemistry doesn’t leave much room in your brain for anything else.
21. I have capillaritis. It is the most boring condition ever. And also seems to go away when I let beams of sun hit my legs. The sun? What?
22. I have a very poor memory. I can remember the names and lyrics to a million songs from the 80s and 90s, but there are huge gaps in my own personal history.
23. I love plants and gardening, but seem to have missed the green thumb gene that both my parents have.
24. I own more shoes than I know what to do with, but because I like walking places, wear only about five pair regularly. I have a plan to sell off a large number of them, since so many are in good shape, I just need to get everything out of the closet, and that’s a scary prospect.
25. I love soup. Like, a lot. I like making it, and I like eating it. However, I like chunky soups. Creamed soups leave me cold.


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  1. That was great! There are things there I didn’t know… :o)

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