1st Show of 2009: Geographer!

January 26, 2009

I can always count on Jenn to clue me into cool things.

She got me into her friend’s band, Geographer, last year, and I think this is the third time I’ve seen them. Each time, I am completely impressed. This time was at Cafe du Nord. Their songs are interesting both in music and in lyrics, and all three men are great musicians. You should go see them; they’re playing with the Heavenly States at the Rickshaw Stop on Feb 5th, and at Cafe du Nord again in April.

At this particular show, they were opening for the Botticellis, but the show started at nine pm, and there were three bands, and it was a school night, and I am evidently getting old, because three songs into the Botticellis, I really wanted to get in my pajamas and lay down. But I liked what I heard, and I’d like to see them again! Just earlier. Please?

Want to invite me to a show? Are you on SonicLiving? Come be my friend.


One comment

  1. Birds and Batteries on Feb 5 are also very, very good. Are we going? Be prepared…I’ve got lots of shows for us to attend in the coming months.

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