Mace: past, present and future

January 9, 2009

January 1st, 2009

I decided to try one of those “take a picture of myself every day” projects. Sure, it’s vain, but my guess is as the year goes by, I’ll get bored and start getting creative. Plus, if I open my Flickr and it’s just pictures of myself, I’ll get really annoyed and go out and take a picture of something else. Heck, maybe if my camera is out, I’ll just take pictures of other things naturally!

A few years ago, my friend Jenn and I were at an OKGo show (at a tiny club, before they made it big on the internet), and because it was cheap and all ages, we were easily the oldest people there. We couldn’t have been more than 27 at the time, as well, and man, did we flaunt our wristbands that told everyone we were over 21. Woo. At any rate, we’re watching one of the forgettable opening bands, and I realize that the girl standing about five feet in front of me looks exactly like I did in high school. I mention this to Jenn, and her eyes get wide and she says she’d just been thinking the same thing about the other girl in front of us. We contemplated being harbingers for awhile. We finally decided not to talk to the girls, because even though Jenn and I like how we turned out, we don’t know how our 16 year old selves would have reacted.

Last weekend, I walked from Market and Montgomery to North Beach, and then back down through Chinatown to Market. The walk was long, but pleasant. I met Trevor in North Beach, and we walked back together. At one intersection, a woman passed in front of me. She had short silver hair, fringed in pink. She was wearing a cute but practical coat, and neat looking shoes. I turned to Trevor. “That’s me in the future!” I wonder if she saw me and recognized me from her past.


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  1. I absolutely love this post about “meeting” your past and future self. love, love, love.

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