Obligatory New Year’s Post

January 1, 2009

Here, I keep of the tradition of looking at the year in list form:

The Best of 2008:

  1. Jack.
    I mean, look at him:

    I adore this cat. Some time he frustrates the hell out of me, but for the most part, he is full of love and energy. I’ll stop now, because I can talk about my cat for ages, and I have.

  2. My New Job.
    I really enjoy my new job as an Organic Chemist. It certainly has its challenges, and I’m not at technically adept as I’d like to be, but the word is interesting, and for the first time since graduating college I feel like a real scientist. I’m scared of more re-structuring, but I suppose I have to cross that bridge when I get to it.
  3. A year and a half with Trevor.
    He’s sleeping next to me right now. He loves my cat, even though he hates cats. He makes me feel safe and warm and loved, and makes me want keep him safe and warm and loved.
  4. Our Big Show.
    Covered here, but worth mentioning again. My dancing improved by leaps and bounds in 2008, and I think it’s just going to get better. I’m still trying to figure out how I can fit more dancing in my life, without sacrificing time with #5.
  5. My friends.
    I’ll tell you a secret: this is the first time in my 31 years that I haven’t thought that people secretly hated me. It sounds silly, but there have been times in my life that I’ve been unceremoniously dumped by a circle of friends, and learned they only pretended to like me because of who I was dating.  Now, I have no fear that my friends are my friends. And I have great friends. I wanted to write something special about each one, but I’d be sad that I’d miss someone and feel horrible about it, and I realized that I am blessed with a LOT of friends. I love so many people.

The Worst of 2008:

  1. Concerts.
    Seriously? I only went to hear music eight times in 2008? That is lame. I miss Tyler.
  2. Feeling the pinch.
    I’m fortunate: I haven’t had to live paycheck to paycheck, but I definitely feel like I’ve had to cut back this year. I spent a fair amount of money on costumes for the big show. At least that can carry me through many, many more performances, since I had no professional wear. Trevor is a big fan of eating out, and that hit my wallet hard as well. But I’m making it. I just don’t have the nice little cushion to fall back on that I’m used to. I’m trying to look on the bright side and remind myself that I have a job, I have some money, and I’m cutting back on things in 2009.
  3. Lack of follow through.
    This year, I had a very hard time completing things. I fell apart with “The Year Without” project, since I got so busy with the show, and then didn’t have the creativity or stamina to give something up. I started a sweater, and a blanket, and barley got 10% in either. I weigh more now than I did at the beginning of the year. All of my plants are dead (well, most of them. But most of them were annuals anyway).  I’m scared to make goals for 2009, but well, I’m going to do it anyways.

Goals for 2009:

  1. Finish a damn crochet project.
  2. Figure out how to dance more.
  3. Double dutch.
  4. Go to at least 10 concerts
  5. Cook more/use ALL of my CSA box
  6. Loose 10% of my bodyweight.


  1. I got you covered on #4 Mace! January 14…I already have a ticket for you.

  2. Goals are good. Especially when you are scared to make them. Good luck! Let me know if I can help in any way. Hugs!

  3. I can help you on the concerts front — I’ll elbow you when I’m goin’ to shows. I imagine me & T will be taking you to all sort of shows this year. Sonicliving.com is a big help too.

    Not certain about that Tapes ‘N Tapes show yet, but just assume I’m gonna go!

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