My Car Smells Like Crayons

November 19, 2008

It’s a fact. Indeed, almost everyone who gets in my car for the first repeats the same refrain. My usual reply is “that’s considerably better than what many cars COULD smell like.”

FINALLY, I can tell them why, courtesy of my good friend Katy:

Found this online: “VW uses wax to coat its metal parts on the underbody of the car to help deter rust. Hence the “crayon” smell. See especially when it gets hot, the wax will melt a little, creating the waxy smell.”

Personally, I LOVE that my car smells like crayons. It reminds me of  happy afternoons sprawled out in a sunny patch of the carpet, making the My Little Ponies into little whore-horses. You should all be glad I never went into make-up.



  1. I’m pretty sure I’ve had crayons melt in either a car of mine or my parent’s before. Mmmm waxy melty crayon goodness.

  2. How come my jetta doesn’t smell like crayons waxy or otherwise? Does this mean my metal parts are rusting away?

  3. Yep. My 2001 Jetta smelled like crayons and nearly everyone I know who has one smells this way too. It affected models from around 2000 – 2003 or so. They used a different wax after that due to complaints.

    I own a 2005.5 Jetta now and I am happy as can be…the crayon smell didn’t bother me but the constant issues with that car did (ignition coil, waterpump, window regulators breaking, weird electrical probalems, etc. etc.) loved the way it look though and when it operated fine I enjoyed it.

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