Driving Sideways

November 12, 2008

Between the nasty cold, the show, and a rather unpleasant womanly time, I’ve been indulging myself too much lately. It seems like I can justify almost anything, so I find myself knee deep in bad habits. I’ve been drinking often (but not too excess, at least), I’ve been pounding full sugar and caffeine sodas, I’ve been having mid-afternoon candy bars. I sit on my ass when I get home, because it’s been the first time in months I’ve been able to do it. My apartment is still a complete mess. And, the final nail on the self-pity coffin, of which I feel the worst about, I bit off all my nails last night.

I’m really unsure of what’s going with me.

Regardless, I still am Mace, so I know, deep down, that everything will be fine. I’ll find some new project to jump into, the apartment will sort itself out, and I will bounce back to my happy self. It’s just a matter of how long.

(I still feel guilty about missing the Year Without for the last two months. Any spectacular ideas for December?)



  1. My suggestion for December’s “The year without” is A Month Without Restrictions.

    Everyone makes resolutions and lists that they do or don’t keep. Everyone’s watching dollars and cents, calories and pounds, their posture and their use of expletives.

    How about the month of December is the month of hedonistic Mace? Do whatever the hell YOU want, all the time. Don’t restrict yourself anything because you “should.”

  2. Oooh, hedonism. I like.

    Also, I blame November.

  3. I think the hedonism was the cause of my pants meltdown. See, I tore holes in my two pairs of jeans, and my other favorite pair of pants is shoved in my trunk, dirty, since I used them for the performance. So I tried on as many pairs of jeans I could at a couple of stores, and it led to a very unpleasant emotional breakdown. Going up one size I could deal with – two was unbearable.

  4. Technically, the last two months of The Year Without were without The Year Without. So, YOU WIN.

  5. “Pants meltdown.” Such an awesome term for a chronic condition that I have.

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