8th Concert of 2008: Santogold!

October 17, 2008

I received an email a while back from my boyfriend. The text was as follows:

Babe I know you’re sensitive and you don’t like the 80’s so I’m taking a big gamble here; I’m just saying if Santogold knocks on my door and asks if I want to go on a date with her, I’m considering it.

Two months later and we’re rocking together at her show. She did NOT, in fact, steal my boyfriend (whew).

I was taken aback a little when I saw that there were four bands in the lineup.  It was a school night, after all. But get this: I enjoyed all four acts. What?

First up was Low vs. Diamond. A good, tight pop rock act. Halfway through their set, I found myself mindlessly singing along to a song, and realized that they’ve had pretty heavy rotation on Live 105.  With a swift change of tone, Alice Smith came on next. It was just her and a guitarist. She came out, shyly grinning and pulling off her glasses right before approaching the mike. So when her heavy, beautiful voice came belting out, I was actually taken aback. I’m definitely interested in hearing what she can do with an entire band. I had, for some reason, gotten this idea in my head that I didn’t like the Mates of State, even though I had never heard them. Trevor thought I was insane, and that they were right up my alley. He was right. I liked them enough that I am actually considering buying their album (which is something, in these tight times).

And Santogold. She was everything I was hoping and more. Now, being a pop rocker, it was very strange to see roadies take EVERYTHING off the stage at the Fillmore. While we waited, the air grew thick with smoke, with only about 30% of it coming from the smoke machine on stage. Once the music started, you couldn’t help but move. I love being in audiences that dance, it keeps me full of energy and improves my experience. And her backup dancers are so impressive live. They have almost not interaction with anything else happening on stage, and they’re tight and well rehearsed. All in all, a fantastic show.


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  1. Jealouz! I love her!

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