A Tale of Two Festivals

October 2, 2008

I still feel like I’m spending all of my time working or dancing. It’s a really dividing feeling. I love it, because I can actually see and feel my dancing improving, and I love having a goal. And to be honest, I love feeling sore, the right kind of sore, the working sore. I’m terribly excited about the show – our rehearsals are going fantastically (when we’re not crying) and it is going to look SO. GOOD.

Conversely, I feel like I have very little down time. The strange thing is I do, but since I spend so much of it sleeping or staring at screens I hardly notice it. I see my boyfriend long enough to kiss him and then pass out. I’ve had to turn down a slew of social events, and feel like I’m neglecting my friends. So I’m making a concious effort to see people more.

This weekend was a perfect time to do that. Saturday I hit the Greek Festival with some of my favorite people. There was so much food. I tried Ouzo for the first time. And, as if I don’t dance enough, Laurie and I jumped out there and did dance after dance (I had to work off the moussaka). My best friend was in town for Yaoi-con (and we’re not going to go into that), but we got to hang out that evening and share a few beers. I made up a hand sign for going to the bathroom that evidently was quite a hit.

Sunday was the Folsom Street Fair. I’ve been before, so it wasn’t so much of a shock. TOO MANY SHAVED BOYPARTS. While I’m not about to criticize others for enjoying such things, I’m just not that into it, I’m afraid. But we made a perfunctory walk-through, and then to a private party, where things were much more my speed: quiet, spread out, and with free booze.

And then, not surprisingly, back to rehearsal.


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