September Update

September 14, 2008

I’m happy to report that I have lost two pounds!

I’m not doing so well at curbing my unhealthy foodstuffs. There’s been a lot of social events this month, and hence a lot of drinking. Luckily it’s only been about one a week, but still. I feel slightly guilty. Guilty enough to stop? Not sure. But at least I’m keeping up the exercise part of the bargain.

I’m doing things the right way this time and easing into the rowing machine. I have a tendency to jump into things headfirst and either injure myself or burn myself out. So I’ve been slowly working my way up with the rower. Eight minutes, ten, fifteen, and today I did twenty. I find it’s way easier if I have my iPod with me, as I’m not just listening to the timer click. I haven’t put together a good workout mix yet, though, so I just had my ‘pod on random. Here’s a song I do NOT recommend you listen to while working out, because it will either weird you out or make you laugh so hard you can’t concentrate on what you’re doing: the Crucifixion from Jesus Christ Superstar.

My dance teacher has also recommended that we start working on our stamina, since dancing in so long of a show takes a fair amount out of you. This point was well illustrated on Saturday. The new workshop is working on two Spanish folk dances, instead of straight up Flamenco. The first is the Jota Aragonesa, which winded me completely in about 15 minutes. The other is Chotis, but I don’t know much about it except it’s a court dance, and the guy’s main job is to stand there slowly and turn without looking like he’s turning. Like a ballerina in a jewelry box. If there are any male dancers out there interested in learning an EXTREMELY easy dance, we’d love to have some dudes.

Jack is extremely hyper and keeps jumping up on the computer, and then running away, and then coming back, and so on and so forth. I still can’t handle how cute he is.


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