Quick Question about Flickr

September 8, 2008

How strange is it that I get at least one hit a day from someone searching the term ‘animal vagina’?



  1. I get ‘flaccid erect’ searches a lot (which is actually a windsurfing picture). But I did that on purpose. Freaky flickr pervs!

  2. I get soooo many weird Flickr tag searches. Here are some of my favorites, with my comments in parenthetical:

    skirt pose
    beneficial insects (my favorite)
    shoe off fell
    my cowboy boots (why would I HAVE your cowboy boots?)
    deodorant in purse (that’s so specific!)
    crotch grab
    “real estate” costume (WTF? Someone wants to dress like Trevor?)
    matching feet him
    payasa or payasas or payasita or payasitas or palhaca or palhacas or palhacita or palhacitas or clown or klown (yes that was the search string)
    dirty couch
    skirt falls off (really, now!)
    busting out shirt
    crotch holding
    sweet little girl ( I don’t know if it’s gross and menacing, or just sweet)
    lotion swap
    ice cream accident
    apron with cheese
    boys kiss hot
    man sitting cat (sounds uncomfortable)

  3. Maybe there are many zoological gynecologist out there?

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