Crazy Cat Lady in Training

September 4, 2008

I haven’t been writing much lately because all I want to talk about is my cat.  It’s not difficult to understand; he’s loving and soft and fun, and I spend most of my non-working time with him.  He’s almost letting me sleep through the night, though he’s still having problems realizing that just because the alarm went off, I don’t want to immediately play. The Snooze Button concept has definitely not sunk in.

I just posted this to another site, and I thought I’d put it here, as well:

Jack is interested in anything I have to eat, though I don’t give him any. However, I did drop a piece of popcorn recently and he ate it before I could even pick it up. A few days ago, I returned home to find that Jack had gotten into the bag of green beans from my mother’s garden. A few were strewn across the floor, and one was chewed open and all the beans inside gone. At least he’s eating healthy?

My last cat, Obi (RIP) had no interest in people food EXCEPT Eggo waffles. If he heard the toaster he came running.


One comment

  1. Hi Crazy Cat Lady in Training. I think you should give in to talking about your cat. . . .. . . if you like you can do it on my blog. . . . . .www.leonandspooky.com

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