President vs Jack

August 28, 2008

So I figured I should listen to our next president give his acceptance speech. I have no cable*, so TV wasn’t really an option. I turned on the radio, and sure enough, it was on several channels. My options:

1. Obama talking and sounding like he’s on a cell phone in a car
2. Obama talking over himself with a 30 second delay
3. Obama talking over some Mexican polkas**
4. Obama talking awesome

Obviously I picked #4. I am full of civic pride.

However, my cat is also jumping in and out of a paper bag and being extremely cute. It’s a nice mix, the president and the Jack.

*Not because I am pretentious, because I can’t afford it.
** I almost chose this one, as it was really funny. But too distracting.


One comment

  1. I understand completely. I didn’t get around to voting in my first presidential election after turning 18 because I spent the whole campaign watching baby Tweak viciously throttling a Power Puff Girl doll that was twice his size.

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