Vicious Hunter Kitty!

August 27, 2008

Vicious Hunter Kitty!, originally uploaded by maceelaine.

Behold! My cat, who I worried was never going to be able to jump properly, fulfulled his kitty duties and caught me a mouse. He brought it out here after playing with it in the bathroom, evidently, as there were smears of blood all over the floor, which sent me in a near panic this morning. Not knowing of my living room gift, I frantically searched myself and the cat for injuries. Then I came out to look for more blood, and there it was, laying next to the couch.

One less dick mouse. Yes!

I love my cat. I mean, look at him




One comment

  1. […] New Mice Adventures September 8, 2009 As you faithful readers will know, I’ve had some troubles with mice before. I’m happy to report that since Jack moved in, there have been blessed few […]

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