Ah, The Fair

August 17, 2008

Goal #1, originally uploaded by maceelaine.

I get a random email from my mother last Friday, with no body, just the subject line: Weird Al is playing the San Mateo County Fair tonight! I had already been thinking I hadn’t hit a fair in years, and this was the icing on the cake.

Well, icing we were not to touch. Since he was performing inside, there was a limited amount of seats, so we couldn’t get in. So we had to formulate a new plan. And thus I came up with my three goals:
1. Eat a giant corndog (see above).
2. See some bunnies (see update below).
3. Milk a goat (boo).

I accomplished two. There were no goats to be milked, much to my disappointment. But one thing lightened my spirits: Pig Races! I had never seen such a thing. The small ones run remarkably fast. This one, probably not so much:

Pig with bucketbutt

Pig with bucketbutt

I’m so glad there aren’t fair corndogs available to me at any time, or I would probably look that.

And look! I even won an award:

Best Mace?

Best Mace?

UPDATE: I forgot, I did see some bunnies. Most didn’t come out, as it was the weird time between sunset and dark enough to turn on the floodlights. So most of the bunnies look like dark blurs. EXCEPT for emo bunny.

Emo Bunny hates you.

Emo Bunny hates you.



  1. They can’t let just EVERYONE milk a goat. How come no lemon shake-ups, how come no funnel cake?

  2. We discussed funnel cakes, but my mother and sister don’t like them, and I’m off desserts this month. I, myself, love the unholy child of a donut and a waffle.

    Lemon shake-ups I am unfamiliar with.

  3. I think the proper name for that bunny is “I can haz eyelinurz?”

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