August 14, 2008

Dear readers, please help me prove that I am not insane. I’m running on 4.5 hours of sleep (significantly less than what I need), due to an overenthusiastic kitten who is so very excited that he lives with me. He hasn’t learned at 3:00 am is not the proper time to let me know how much he loves me. It’s hard to stay too mad afterwards, though, as he is impossibly cute, and who doesn’t like affection?

My point: I recall, years (and years) ago, staring at the back cover of a Simon and Garfunkel album. It was the two of them displaying different emotions. I’m pretty sure three of them were pretty banal: happy, sad, etc. The fourth was Garfunelnurkey, and they were making faces. It became a term of mockery/affection in my family for years.  I can find no trace of this on the world wide web, and am beginning to question my memory of this. I have no idea if I’m spelling it right. I have no idea which album it is, though I suspect it may be Bookends. For some reason (possibly exhaustion), this is really bothering me right now. Gah.


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