Welcome Home, Jack

August 11, 2008

I had looked at other kittens. I was seduced by their cute tiny faces, their pink ears, their tiny meows. But as soon as I picked up Jack, and he stayed perfectly still in my arms, I knew it was love.

It was a total whim to go to Pets In Need. I was heading to Redwood City to hang with my mother, and the shelter was right near the restaurant. So we swung by, not expecting much. The people there are very friendly, the cats healthy and alert. There were some younger cats, but “Simon*” was the one I kept walking past and lingering.

The employees made me a little nervous; they said there was no way to hold a cat, so there was no guarantee that he’d be there tomorrow (when I could actually pick him up). In retrospect, they were just quoting policy, because he had already been there over two months, one more night probably wasn’t going to make a big difference.

And it didn’t. The next day, after hitting Target and getting all the essentials, I went and brought Jack home. He suffered immensely on the way home (though oddly enough, calmed down when a random Tori Amos song came on). But from the minute he got out of his carrier, he was totally at home. I even had people over that night, and he loved it, laying in the middle of everyone, receiving his scratches, playing with all the people.

I will attempt to not write TOO many posts about the wonder that is my cat, but once in a while I simply must. I mean, look at him. He’s the best.

*His pre-adoption name. His official name is now Jack Simon, but really he’s just Jack.


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