2008, the year without: August! (for reals)

August 5, 2008

So the caffeine ban didn’t really stick. It’s less than a week later and I find myself having delicious, delicious caffeinated sodas. I missed them, it’s true. I do seem to have broken my coffee-when-I-get-to-work habit, though it’s been replaced with a mint-tea-when-I-get-to-work habit. I think I just like drinking something when I get to work.  As for the laptop in the bedroom ban, I think I’m going to keep that one. I like keeping the bedroom a quiet, serene place, and the laptop totally disrupts that. Sorry, boyfriend. I know it breaks your wee heart.

So it was my birthday last week, and I was very busy hating the days at work*, and loving my evenings. There were dinners, there was bowling, there was plenty of drinking. What there wasn’t was a lot of thought about what to give up in August.

Trevor and I had a VSC** about this a while back, wherein he completely questioned the whole experiment and made me feel about as deep as shallow puddle. He expected me to really stretch myself, massively changing my lifestyle. And while that wasn’t entirely my goal (what the hell IS my goal, anyway? I should write about that), he did give me some good things to think about. But probably not this month, since I’m already five days behind.

So what did I finally decide? I had some interesting ideas. But I think, finally, that August will be the Month Without Desserts (+more). I do love some sweets. A Milky Way bar in the middle of the afternoon. Birthday cake. Pudding. And I’ve noticed that in the months I’ve been denying myself, especially foods or drinks, my consumption of such things increases. I’m giving myself one out, though: fruits and cheeses, while considered desserts, are safe. Because goddamnit***, fruits and cheeses are important.

What is this (+more)? I was intrigued by Oz’s suggestion of giving up text messages. I don’t constantly text, but I do use it often. And I remember saying earlier that I was interested in using the phone for what it was made for, talking. So this month, I’ll read texts, but I will not send them. I will instead call people back when they write me.

On top of that, I’m going to make a serious attempt to not bite my nails this month. I had quit years ago, but this last year saw the return of bitten ends and gross hangnails. I need to remember that people biting their nails is disgusting to watch. And that I don’t know what’s on my hands, even though I wear gloves all day and wash them all the time. I need to go out and buy another nail file, obviously.

And that’s enough of that.

* It was the magical week of “Mace does everything wrong.” Except that I didn’t do everything wrong, I was just wasn’t doing it the best way, and while I got very mad at myself, I realized later that a certain amount of that was “no one told me the right way.” Which then made me all weirded out because I thought that maybe I should just KNOW this stuff. But then I remembered that I’ve only been here five months, I was doing something for the second time EVER, and sure, it’s common sense and second nature to the people who have been her for seven to twenty years. Gah!
** Very Serious Coversation
*** Sorry, Kevin.



  1. Oo yay, you mentioned me. But yeah you kinda got the gist of what my suggestion is really about. I know I have a horrible habit if texting people, its the lazy man’s pigeon…or something. To me talking on the phone is just so much more of an effort nowadays and really is deteriorating some relationships I have with people.

    We’ve become a society of IM’ing, textin’ Myspace-comment-leavin’ mutes. Its good for libraries, but not for personal human relationships.

    All that said, will I ever stop textin’? Oh heck no! 😛

  2. Oops, that was me with that last comment, I was still logged into one of my other WP accounts.

  3. I am SCANDALIZED but think you made the right choice.

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