7th Concert of 2008: Flogging Molly!

August 4, 2008

I almost forgot to write this one up!

On July 17th, Flogging Molly and Ludo played for FREE in San Jose’s Plaza de Cesar Chavez. San Jose has a great program where every Thursday afternoon after work, there is free music. Usually different radio stations get one day, and play music representative of their genre (this one was hosted by south bay alternative station Channel104.9). I have very fond memories of hearing music in the park, as we used to go fairly regularly when I was younger. It was a nice way to while away an afternoon with my mother and younger sister. The music was usually good, the weather was always great, and it was free and safe, so my sister could go run around in the fountain without much worry. I’m glad it’s a tradition they’ve kept over the years, even though I haven’t been able to make it for ages.

So Jeremy and I tootled on down to my old stomping ground. When we arrived, Ludo had already started, and though I did want to see them (as I am currently listening to this song at least once a day), my desire to not pass out from hunger won out and we grabbed some pizza (forgetting that there is actually food at the park, though more pricey). When we got the park, it was easily the most crowded I had ever seen it. There was a great mix of people: bored college students who wandered over from state, fan boys dressed like hot Irishmen (yum), and families with all ages of children. My kind of crowd.

Flogging Molly were, as expected, excellent. I first saw them by accident about ten years ago (!), when I was still dating the sax player from the sadly disbanded Ibopa. I was helping Ibopa gather a crowd for their show during the SOFA festival (which used to be great), and headed into the club early just to check it out. Flogging Molly were playing, and even though I was supposed to be outside handing out flyers and flirting with boys, I stayed through the whole set.

Even ten years later, they’re still brimming with energy. And they’ve always sounded amazingly tight musically. I can’t help but move when I’m listening to them (even in my car). It was great to be around thousands of people who felt the same way. I left before the encores, as I had to catch the train back to my car, which I missed, which allowed me to hang out in the Dirdion Station in San Jose for an hour. If you’re going to be stuck in a bus/train station for an hour, that’s a good one, as there are benches and it has that kind of nostalgic charm, like train stations in movies. It’s also near nothing except HP Pavillion and is boring as hell.

If you’re in San Jose on Thursdays, check it out: http://www.sjdowntown.com/Music_in_the_Park.html


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