A year ago, um, July 8th

July 14, 2008

Trevor, originally uploaded by maceelaine.

The last in a series of posts that make most people want to throw up a little. And this one is late. DAMN ME.

Trevor and I had been hanging out a lot. I’d been finding various reasons to go over to his house (thank goodness I knew two of his roommates). There were a lot of hanging out in groups, eating, watching TV and playing games, and then long makeout sessions by/on my car before I left. I sometimes imagined this was how normal teenagers probably did it back in the day. (Not me, so much.)

So we’d been hanging out for three weeks and realized we’d never been on an official date. So we decided to get sandwiches and enjoy the free music of the SF Symphony over at Stern Grove. And while we weren’t alone (we were lucky that Liane and Carla got there early and got us choice blanket space), it was the first time we weren’t surrounded by his roommates. We ate our sandwiches and enjoyed the music*. I had at least 2/3 if not 3/4 of a bottle of wine, which made me quite sleepy. In fact, the Mozart piece in the second half was VERY relaxing. I was sitting behind Trevor at that point, and I just leaned forward, resting my forehead on his back. And completely nodded off for at least 10 minutes.

Having drank said amount of wine, we were obligated to hang out in the park for quite some time. Luckily we still had the blanket, and it was a beautiful day, so we relaxed and talked about very serious things. After a few hours, having regained my sobriety, we headed back over to his house, where I got my very first taste of Ethiopian jazz and food, both of which have become favorites.

Alright, enough of the squish. Back to random facts about me, my house, and Poop Magazine.


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