5th Concert of 2008 – Stevie Wonder!

July 9, 2008

Mace and Trevor at Stevie, originally uploaded by mizsarah.

As my (early) birthday gift, Trevor took me to see Stevie Wonder at Shoreline on Saturday, July 5th. Sarah and Gabe joined us as well.

I keep saying I’m never returning to Shoreline, but I keep getting pulled back. After the Bjork disappointment*, I swore my rear would never touch the grass. But the four pack of tickets was such a good deal, and it was STEVIE WONDER. How could we not go?

The set was fantastic. Sure, there were a lot of unfamiliar songs, but there were also plenty of sing-a-longs. He ripped through a bunch of hits right near the end, including my favorite of his songs, “For Once In My Life.”** The band was tight, and Stevie just radiates joy when he sings.

And oh, the food. Both couples brought a ton of food for a picnic on the grass before the show. There was cheese, pate, bread, olives, shrimp, broccoli salad, pickles, and more and more. And cookies and cherries and truffles for dessert. I rolled out of that place. I adore eating with Sarah. She knows food and loves to share. Fantastique!

It was an excellent night. I was the people I was always jealous of, for once in my life.

* Which was disappointing because I could not at all see the stage, not because it wasn’t a good show.
** I’ll admit it; I cried a little. I was there with my boyfriend, listening to a song that always makes me think of him, and OH GOD WHEN DID I BECOME THIS CREAMPUFF? I am infected; please shoot me in the head.


One comment

  1. To steal and distort a favorite new phrase:

    “I shoot you”

    But only because you requested it…I don’t think this particular infection warrants shooting unless I have to witness the creampuffery.

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