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6th Concert of 2008: Tidal Wave, Day 2

July 29, 2008

So I probably don’t strike you as someone who would sit in the sun all day and have her ears assaulted by heavy guitars and blast beat drums. And you’re right. Not exactly my usual haunt. But I’m always open to new adventures, especially when they’re free.

The boy, on the other hand, is very into metal. So I decided, after hearing about it for two years, to get down to McLaren on July 6th and hear the following bands (for free!):

Embryonic Devourment
Agenda of Swine
Fog of War

Man, metal band names make me giggle.

It was a nice day. The weather was perfect, there was food and beer and good company (my favorite boy, Brandi and her wonderful kidlet, Brandi’s gruff-looking but totally nice friends, and Nomi and Joseph swung by as well).  I won’t write too much about the bands themselves, but I am a self-professed idiot when it comes to this musical genre. Let’s just say that, to my ears, the bands improved as the day wore on, though I think I liked Fog of War the best. Which I think means I’m into thrash? I have no idea.

All I’m saying is I’m not opposed to showing up again next year. Did I mention it was free?


AIDSwalk 2008 – We Made It!

July 23, 2008

AIDSwalk 2008 – Me & Tina, originally uploaded by maceelaine.

(As if there were any doubt)

The walk was fantastic; the weather was perfect (overcast but not cold). The company was the best (I love Tina, Will and Jason). And we raised 4.5 MILLION dollars for SF AIDS Foundation. I personally raised $1220, and that’s without the company matching my generous coworker’s donations, which should be processed soon.

I’ve thanked almost everyone, but I just can’t seem to stop. Thanks again to all the people who helped me reach my goal, and gave to a fantastic organization. And now you’re spared my nagging for another 11 months!


Caving into Coke

July 23, 2008

So today I caved. I had worked at a Girl Scout Day Camp* in the morning. Then lunched with my mother, then dragged my butt into work. Sitting at my desk, all I could do was stare at a computer screen while time ticked by and I felt worse and worse about the large amount of work I still needed to do in lab. I was so wiped out, I was ready to just put my head on my desk and cry and nap at the same time. I knew a simple solution, but was trying SO HARD not to buckle.

I swallowed my pride with that Coca-Cola.

But I’ve gotten through 75% of my work, and while I still have at least forty five minutes to go, I know that I can make it through. I’m a little disappointed in myself, but I’d be more disappointed if I shirked my responsibilities.

Unrelated: someone ended up this blog by searching for “be a badass.” This is the best thing I’ve seen all day.

* Details on that later.


Only five days left until AIDSwalk

July 15, 2008

I’m sure most of you, my readers, have gotten at LEAST two emails from me about my favorite charity event, the San Francisco AIDSwalk. It’s the only time of year I ask people I know for money, and though I’ve been pretty bad this year about returning the favor (procrastination, mostly, not apathy), it would mean a lot to me to get your donations.

Living where I live (not only in San Francisco, but on the edge of the Castro), AIDS is still a very prominent problem and concern. So far it’s avoidable, but not curable. I believe in the programs this walk supports. I believe they can make a difference. And I believe that you are willing to help.

Sure, my part is small. I just take a lovely walk through Golden Gate park with some of my favorite people. What’s impressive about the walk itself is how many people show up. That means something. It means that every person there wants to make a change for the community, for the country, for the world. And that moves me. I love looking at the pictures of the hordes of people. I get a little teary.

So, yes. Please support the San Francisco AIDS Foundation (and a host of other worthwhile groups) and make a donation. You can even donate through Paypal! If online isn’t your thing, contact me personally and we can work something out. Or, even better, you can come walk with us. It would mean a lot to me, and also to my community. Thank you.


A year ago, um, July 8th

July 14, 2008

Trevor, originally uploaded by maceelaine.

The last in a series of posts that make most people want to throw up a little. And this one is late. DAMN ME.

Trevor and I had been hanging out a lot. I’d been finding various reasons to go over to his house (thank goodness I knew two of his roommates). There were a lot of hanging out in groups, eating, watching TV and playing games, and then long makeout sessions by/on my car before I left. I sometimes imagined this was how normal teenagers probably did it back in the day. (Not me, so much.)

So we’d been hanging out for three weeks and realized we’d never been on an official date. So we decided to get sandwiches and enjoy the free music of the SF Symphony over at Stern Grove. And while we weren’t alone (we were lucky that Liane and Carla got there early and got us choice blanket space), it was the first time we weren’t surrounded by his roommates. We ate our sandwiches and enjoyed the music*. I had at least 2/3 if not 3/4 of a bottle of wine, which made me quite sleepy. In fact, the Mozart piece in the second half was VERY relaxing. I was sitting behind Trevor at that point, and I just leaned forward, resting my forehead on his back. And completely nodded off for at least 10 minutes.

Having drank said amount of wine, we were obligated to hang out in the park for quite some time. Luckily we still had the blanket, and it was a beautiful day, so we relaxed and talked about very serious things. After a few hours, having regained my sobriety, we headed back over to his house, where I got my very first taste of Ethiopian jazz and food, both of which have become favorites.

Alright, enough of the squish. Back to random facts about me, my house, and Poop Magazine.


More Nightime Adventures

July 14, 2008

I had a dream where I bought some chocolate and vanilla swirl frozen yogurt and put strawberries on it. Seriously, that was the whole dream. I guess the big drama point was that the lady put it on a cone instead of a bowl, but corrected it when I pointed it out. FASCINATING.

However, earlier that same night, when Trevor turned out the light in my bedroom, the following exchange took place:
Me: Baby, it sure is dark in here.
Trevor: I turned off the light.
M: Well, I guess I shouldn’t have canceled my subscription to Poop Magazine then.
T: … What?
M: It made sense in my head.

He tells me this over dinner the next day and I laugh so hard I cry for at least five minutes and the wait staff looks a little panicked.


Dear Diamond Heights Safeway

July 9, 2008

You are superior in every way to the Castro Safeway*. Specifically, when I was done shopping, I immediately got in line and checked out. SWEET. Will you be my Safeway boyfriend?



*Except in terms of people watching. The DH Safeway is full of people with families or people discussing people they knew in common in high school.