A year ago, three days later

June 30, 2008

So, when I gave Trevor my number, I made some joke about traditionally waiting three days to call. Which he took at face value. It remains to be seen if he thought I was serious, or if he just thought it would be funny. I turn my cell phone off during work hours, so for three days I would nonchalantly* check my phone during lunch and directly out of work.

Finally, Wednesday, I get out of work, and there’s a message that starts with “Hi Mace, this is Trevor, the short order cook.” I recently found the page in the notebook I carry in my purse that has where I wrote down his number. With a little heart.

Man, I’m even making myself sick. But just one more, and this story is done. Well, this part of it.

* This is, of course, a lie.


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