A year ago today, the day after that

June 26, 2008

DSC_0757, originally uploaded by ozreiuosn.

Ah, Pride. I do love a good parade. And people having an extremely good time. I met Oz and Angela for the parade and to wander around afterwards. Oz took the wonderful photo above moments after I literally ran into a large hairy man who was very nice and gave me a rather lengthy hug when I apologized. It’s one of my favorite pictures of me.

As is usually the case, after a few hours I suffered from too many people and too much sun. I had only recently moved to San Francisco, and hadn’t used the Muni system that much, but I knew that to get home, I could take any train EXCEPT the N. As I came down the steps of the Civic Center, there was a train about to leave, so I hopped on, and damned if it wasn’t the freaking N.

I had received a call earlier in the day from Tanya, letting me know she and several of our friends would be picnicking in the park. I was heading her way, and didn’t feel like wrapping my brain around how to get home just yet, so I called to make sure they were still there. Tanya was pleased that I could make it, and with a very specific pause, said, “Trevor’s here, too.”

Oh jeez. I had been in the sun, my hair was a mess, and I wasn’t sure if I had any makeup on. Plus, I was dead tired. But I headed on over anyways, and had a lovely time laying in the shade.

I took this one.
(I took this one)

Trevor and I were very pleasant and talkative, but it almost seemed like we were doing what we could not to touch each other, which confused me. Being Mace, I started to worry. Was last night a fluke? Had he changed his mind? Had I somehow in the last 15 hours made a horrible impression? (It can get very strange in my brain.)

After dinner (my plan to go home straight from Pride totally shot, it being now SIX HOURS after I planned to be home), I knew it was time to get back to my house. I said my goodbyes, and was about to walk out the door without even hugging Trevor when he grabbed my arm, swept me up, and gave me a hell of a kiss right in front of everyone.

I walked home in quite a daze.

(courtesy of Nomi)

(He still didn’t call for three days.)


One comment

  1. Awwww. How very romantical…

    Also, I love that last picture. It makes me smile.

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