A year ago today, a week later

June 25, 2008

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Despite our best attempts at lallygagging, Tyler and I arrived at Tanya’s birthday party pretty early. I have to admit, I was very nervous. I had been not-so-subtly getting facts about Trevor all week. I thought I has been sly, but in retrospect, not really at all. The night before, at Jenny’s graduation party, Tanya had basically announced to the entire room that I would be making out with her roommate the next evening. Such pressure!

As luck would have it, Trevor opened the door. I think this took us both by surprise. There was a pause, and then, “Oh. Hi.” I quickly ducked out, mumbling something about seeing if the girls needed help getting ready. Luckily, they did, so I could calm down. (He’s just that handsome, you know?)

Trevor kept himself busy, making potato chips from scratch in the kitchen (he’s handy that way). This meant that if I wanted to talk to him, I had to go over there. So instead, I sat in the corner and had a couple of drinks. Sarah insisted that he kept peeking into the living room to see where I was, but I laughed off the idea*.

The whole nerves-and-peeking ordeal was so reminiscent of middle school that it made me laugh. I finally got up off my butt and went over to talk to him, but he kept getting distracted by drunken party goers demanding more salty snacks. I assumed he wasn’t interested anymore, despite what all of my friends said.

Finally, the potatoes were gone. And he sat down next to me. He had to jump up again pretty soon afterwards to help with the night’s party star. We couldn’t find another friend of ours, who was sending me text messages that made no sense. (Invokatu!) It was starting to get comical. I was starting to get tired.

Tyler had to walk back to the Kezar lot to get his car, so Trevor kept me company out front. Lucky for me, but unlucky for Tyler, the attendant was MIA, so I got some extra time alone with the boy.

I said something about how cold it was, trying to make conversation. Trevor wrapped his arms around me, pulled me in close, and kissed my forehead. I looked up in surprise, and he gave me the first in a year of sweet wonderful kisses**.

And then he didn’t call me for three days.

*She was totally right. In fact, he used cooking as an excuse to hide his nerves about talking to ME.
** With Tanya spying on us from her bedroom window, evidently.



  1. OMG. So cute. These stories are all new to me. I love it.

  2. I have not spent any amount of time with the boy, yet, but sweet stories like this make me want to hug him on sight.

    Why didn’t he call for three days??

  3. Lallygagging my ass, you were the first guest to show up. Glad you did, though.

  4. e – Thanks! It feels good to have happy stories to tell. And luckily the boy isn’t too worried about me splashing these stories on the internet.

    Ti – You will have your opportunity for hugs on Saturday! Yay! (and I’m getting to the three days part)

    Tr – We totally lallygagged. We went to Amoeba, had some pizza, walked from Kezar. We were almost even earlier, because I was anxious to see you!

  5. Wow. All of this was happening that night?

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