I only pretend to be a bad-ass

June 17, 2008

Wait, no I don’t. Everyone knows I’m a giant powderpuff.

I spent my lunch at work today reading over SFgate’s coverage of the marriage deluge today. I have to admit, I was on the verge of happy tears the entire time. This pleases me so much.

As Tina often says, “Everyone should have the right to be miserable.”


One comment

  1. It’s totally true, too. The pursuit of happiness is a right, actual happiness is a different story.

    Also, I am very glad these lovely people are finally able to be married.

    And last, but not least: Yes, we all know you’re a powderpuff. And we love you anyway. Or or should it be, that’s why we love you?


    Oh well, we love you and that’s all that counts.

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