I get my kicks above the waistline, sunshine

June 11, 2008

I wake up each morning to the radio, as beeping sounds first thing in the morning make me… none too pleasant to be around. I had talk radio on for awhile, but now I find that I can sleep right through that easily, so it’s music. Now, as you may know, I live near Sutro Tower. Which broadcasts KFOG*. On, like, EVERY STATION. KFOG takes over about 70% of the dial. Lucky for me, I like the station.

After hitting snooze twice this morning, a song blasted out of my tiny stereo that was enough to pull my lazy head from the pillow: One Night in Bangkok. Written by the two male members of ABBA for the musical Chess, it’s a magical four minutes of lazy rapping about how chess is superior to anything Thailand has to offer. If it doesn’t sound immediately familiar, watch the (fantastically bad) video, it’ll all come back to you, if you’re around my age. Make sure you read the lyrics, too.

So I was hoping to peruse YouTube and find tons of live versions, since I’ve never seen Chess live, and sadly, never expect to. And though there are 587 hits on the site, very few are of people singing. There seem to be a great deal of montages made to the song. But have they missed the point of the song? (Rhetorical question: they do.) This is my favorite:

Yes, that’s Hungarian.

What do I do now?

* The morning crew on Live105 recently described KFOG as “NPR with music,” which isn’t entirely true, but I find hilarious. I hope someone passed that along to people at KFOG.



  1. I love, love, love that song!! I got to know it well when I played in the pit for a production of Chess about 500 years ago. Waking up to that song would make me fly out of bed, for sure. “Hooray for One Night in Bangkok!”

  2. It’s playing in LA next year. Perhaps you could plan a trip.

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