Finding the loophole (with robots)

June 9, 2008

So I used my credit card this weekend.

However, I didn’t actually use it to buy anything, so I think the spirit of my monthly omission stands. Last Saturday I headed down to my old stomping grounds for 01SJ, which was fantastic. I have issue with the organizers, as I found both the website and the print brochure rather confusing, but once my friend and I got our bearings, we managed to find most of the things we were interested in.

My personal favorite from the festival are the exhibits in the San Jose Museum of Art. And here’s where the loophole comes in: it was free admission that weekend to anyone with a Bank of America card. They didn’t swipe it or anything, I just had to hold it up, and walk on in.

But at any rate, I would have GLADLY paid the eight dollar admission fee to see the two exhibits that tied into the festival. In fact, I’m not even going to describe them, because I want everyone to go down and see them. Lucky for you, Superlight is there until the end of August, and the ROBOTS EXHIBIT* is there until mid October. Seriously, if you can, go see them.

* I love paintings and photos of robots. In a major way. This is the best exhibit ever.**
** Okay, this is a lie. This is the second best exhibit ever, after the Art & Technology exhibit at the SFMOMA a few years ago that was way interactive and special to me.


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