Another brilliant idea down the tubes

June 4, 2008

Me: I had a great idea: throw a surprise party in a bathroom. No one would expect it.
Jesse: Excellent idea, but it’d be a small party.
Me: This is true, unless it was a very large bathroom. I was thinking of the bathrooms here at work, not in a home. You could put up a sign that said it was out of order, and then the birthday person wouldn’t go in while you decorated. Then everyone could get inside, and one person could stay out and force the birthday person to drink so much water they’d have to run. And then, when they opened the door, SURPRISE! Balloons and confetti.
Jesse: but wouldn’t everybody then have to leave (or at least politely avert their eyes and pretend not to listen) while the birthday person relieved hermself? Doesn’t that kind of stall the party right as it’s starting?
Me: Shoot. You’re right. Maybe that would just be the surprise and then everyone would head to the breakroom for cake and ice cream? My beautiful idea is rapidly failing. Now I am crying.


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