2008, the year without. June!

June 2, 2008

I celebrated my triumphant return to booze with half a bottle of champagne with brunch, and then two glasses of wine when I got home. After a rather sudden nap, I awoke to find myself incredibly nauseated, which was only relieved by vomiting. Yay booze! I’ll have to reintroduce myself to moderation, obviously.

On the whole, though, not drinking is a good thing. It was easier to wake up in the morning (except for that last week, for some reason, but I suspect it was unrelated to this project), and I never had to worry whether or not I could drive. I remembered that dancing sober is just as fun as dancing drunk. I think the hardest part, really, was explaining the whole thing to my friends, who often looked at me like I had grown another head.

It’s been pointed out by several people that all these omissions so far have centered around food. One person even went so far to call it a diet, which was never the goal of this experiment. So it is time for a different kind of crutch. June is the month with no credit card.

I’ve noticed in the last few months that my usage has skyrocketed. I blame this mostly on finally having a card that gives cash back, and because I am terrible about having cash on me. Plus, I’m going out a lot more than I ever have. I’m pretty good about spending only what I have, but I’m curious: will I continue to keep enough money on me to get by?

I’ll still be using my ATM, of course. That’s money I know I have. And there are one or two bills that go directly to my card, and I’m not going to purposely make things difficult just for Netflix and KQED.

What material items can you not live without?



  1. No Credit Card? Wait, does this mean I have to buy more of your drinks now? I dont mind, of course. Just prepping my expectations.


  2. Aw, Daniel! Just think, though: you had a whole month where you didn’t have to buy me a single drink. So you’ll just have to make up for it now.
    (Besides, I haven’t been hitting you up that much lately. You offered the bottle of champagne that was my downfall.)

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