3rd Concert of 2008: Dresden Dolls!

May 26, 2008

What would I do without Jeremy? He seems to be my concert connection this year. I’m so glad he called and told me about this show (and offered me a ticket). A bit later, our friend Kenneth also purchased a ticket. A week after that, I pointed the show out to my mother* and she got a ticket as well.

So on the 18th, we headed over to the Fillmore to see them rock out. I have to say, I appreciate bands that have good taste in openers. The event was MC’d by a local magician, who also used to host the underground absinthe parties that I never made it to. Sigh. He was very funny and charming, and I had never heard an audience so quiet and respectful during a one-man act.

The musical opener was a sister act** called Vermillion Lies, who were downright AMAZING. They’re out of Oakland, and I highly recommend them. They’re talented, funny, charming and cute. I considered buying the CD, but I’m pretty sure this is the kind of band that’s considerably better live. SEE THEM.

I saw the Dresden Dolls once a few years ago, and was totally blown away by how much beautiful noise just two people could make. I was not disappointed this time, either. They had a variety of guests, including East Bay Ray from the Dead Kennedys, but most of the time was just Amanda and Brian rocking out. I would say the most interesting point of the evening was the cover of “Fight for your right to party” by the Beastie Boys.

Of course, since I am out of concert practice, I ended up with sore knees and back, but it was totally worth it

* My mother is probably more of a fan than the three of us combined.
** It made me wish my sister and I worked together that well.


One comment

  1. You are the luckiest girl on Earth and I am so jealous I could just spit!

    Love you!

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