Dress Quest 08: Attempt 2.0

May 20, 2008

I’ve had a lot of revelatory moments lately (don’t worry, I’ll write about more of them soon). This latest one happened as I merrily skipped around the aisles of a store. Now, those that have known me for years know that I HATE to shop. It’s a combination of a lot of things: my amazing ability to talk myself out of anything, my spendthrift tendencies, the fact that trying on pants has reduced me to tears on more than one occasion. Plus, I get easily overwhelmed by racks and racks of clothing – I avoided Ross for a long time.

So what have I learned? That if I focus, and only allow myself to look at and try on a particular item (in this case, dresses and skirts), I am a lot happier shopping.  I don’t get as frustrated or angry, and I can actually relax a little in a store. But anyways, back to the quest.

On Erica‘s recommendation, I headed over to the nearby Old Navy. Evidently they’re not pushing dresses in that store very hard this season, as there weren’t many there, and a good number of them had bizarre necklines. I’m not much for the cut down below the boob kind of dress, you know? Erica specifically pointed to this dress, which was very nice and flattering on the hips, but WAY too big on top. I did find an incredibly cute dress (evidently not available online), but was black and not very summery. They had it in grey polka dots on black, but not in my size. I may follow up on that one.

Leaving the parking lot, I espied a Marshall’s. I looked at my recently acquired iced coffee and thought “I don’t usually have luck in these kinds of places; I’m sure I’ll be back out before this gets warm.” Wrong. I made at least two trips to the fitting room, and liked more than half of what I tried on. There were slight problems with most, though. One was two short, one was strapless and wouldn’t actually stay up, things like that. And then I tried on the most unlikely of dresses for me: almost ankle length, pretty low neckline, in a large floral patter in orange and pink, of all colors.


Success! I have bought a dress. This by no means I am ending the search, but even if the rest of my sojourns end up empty handed, I at least have this wonderful, comfortable, beautiful dress to show for it.

Sorry I don’t have a picture yet. I tried to take one by myself using my camera’s timer, but I couldn’t get the angle right and kept chopping off my head, giving the pictures a weird snuff-film feel. No.


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  1. Wahoo, colors! Can’t wait to see it!

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