Sometimes I wish dreams were real

May 16, 2008

From an email I recently wrote:

My finger is very far from the pulse of culture. Like, maybe I’m poking culture’s side. Sorry, culture, I didn’t know you were ticklish there.

So I feel it necessary to share this dream I had last night. I was about to preform at a church that had been converted into a theater. The audience was full of drag queens and children. My fellow flamencas were getting ready in the back. We were all wearing different costumes, but we were all in red. I was applying and wiping off lipstick with strange regularity. We were about to go on, when I realized I had forgotten both my cane* and my shoes. Both of which are a bit important. I told my teacher that I didn’t live far, and that I’d run home and get them. When I got back (the dream seemed to skip over that part), they had started without me, which was a little disappointing.

Who knew drag queens were so into Flamenco?

* Our latest choreography involves canes and if we pull it off it will be AWESOME. Details soon.


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