Dress Quest 08: Attempt 0.5, 1.0

May 14, 2008

With the hot weather approaching (wait, here), I’ve been thinking a lot about dresses. I’m finally starting to get the swing of my style, but I only own two dresses, one of which is pretty formal, and the other is definitely winter wear. So I’m mostly at a loss when it comes to dresses.

I’ve noticed lately that some lovely ladies have found some cute things at Target, and since I do love the Target, I headed on over. Monday I went to the Foster City store, which is extremely lacking in the clothing department. There were maybe 10 dresses in the whole store, and they were ugly and not my size.

Today I headed over to the the Daly City store (of Twin Targets fame), which has a much larger selection. Sadly, though, it was not meant to be. I tried on a bunch of skirts that made me look house-like.
I tried on a dress that made me look like both an angry lesbian AND a bored housewife. And a lot of dresses that would be excellent if I were just a smidge smaller on the bottom or a smidge bigger on the top. This is reminding me why I don’t own any dresses.

The second time I walked into the dressing room, there was an odd smell that took me a while to place. I think it was some cheap weed! Plus, there were two women in the area who kept getting more giggly and loud. Nestled between them and a girl on the phone, arguing with her boyfriend about where to meet up in an hour, I was trying on dresses and laughing at both how ridiculous I looked, and how ridiculous the situation was.

So what is my style? Simple, nerdy, clean. I don’t wear a lot of patterns, I don’t wear a lot of clingy stuff. I’m hoping to spend less than $50. HELP!

Special hello to kfan! I’m amazed I’m an inspiration. Oddly enough, I am planning on making June lacking a material good instead of a food as well.



  1. Oooh, I am going to have fun with this.

    I don’t even know you that well but I can totally see you in this one. And this is very basic and comfy looking. (Though I always worry about length with stuff from F21.)

    The Gap has some simple stuff…like this linen wrap dress. I like this one at Old Navy, too.

    I’d also check out all the thrift/vintage stores…I got some cute dresses at Buffalo Exchange.

  2. See, great minds right there.

  3. e- F21? I haven’t even set foot in there since I outgrew a size 8. Maybe I should give it another chance. Half the problem is elbowing the 13 year olds out of the way. I think my next excursion may be to Old Navy. I have some luck there.

  4. I also remembered something. I really shouldn’t shop alone. I can talk myself out of almost anything, and it sometimes takes some gentle prodding to buy something. Also, I seem to have no sense of what looks good. For example, Daniel and the saleslady had to convince me to buy this, which looks fantastic on me.

  5. I know, forever 21…BUT! I bought a pair jeans there recently, much to my surprise. It’s just the first thing that comes to mind when I think cute and under $50.

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