Possibly the best thing that’s ever happened in my house

May 5, 2008

originally uploaded by Nomi, click on picture to watch video

Via Nomi:
This proves that if you get a bunch of college educated women together in a house with alcohol and the right incentive, they may spontaneously turn into fourth graders.

I’m very frustrated that I can’t embed Flickr video straight into my blog. Click the link in the picture and watch the fun!



  1. You can’t? I did on LJ, I believe. Is it a WordPress thing?

    Also, do you mind if I post this (avec proper credit, of course.)

  2. Nomi originally posted it on Flickr (and thus you’ll have to ask her for permission, which I doubt will be a problem, as it’s fine from my end).
    Wordpress isn’t set up to have video from Flickr; it anticipates YouTube, Google, a few other commonly used venues, and direct uploads. I tried using the embed code via Flickr and put it directly in the html for this page and it ended up being a gigantic fail. I worked on it for about 45 minutes last night before realizing it was after midnight and I really needed to go to sleep.
    I managed this work around this morning at work.

    Um, I mean I was working every minute ever at work.

  3. so much yay. SO much.

  4. LOVE.

  5. I should totally get one of those. That’s a cool little doohickey.

  6. Apollo – a Roomba? Or a dinosaur? Because I highly recommend both.

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