2008, the year without. May!

April 28, 2008

I suppose it was some sort of retribution. Or punishment. I fell off the wagon and ate three crispy chicken nuggets at a fundraising party yesterday, and I am suffering. My stomach is not happy, and the intestines are following suit. Or course, it’s a toss up: was it the forbidden fried food, or the three industrial-sized glasses of sangria*?

Either way, it helped point me in the right direction for the year without. May is the month with no alcoholic beverages. (I say beverages specifically, so that if I feel the need to make poached pears again, I’m scott free.)

I tried this last year, and found that I slept better, felt better, and could still have fun and drive home at the same time. I’m not a binge drinker, nor do I drink every night. I drink pretty regularly, but almost exclusively socially. I’m not worried about a potential problem. This just another thing I enjoy that I’m going to do without for awhile.

You’ll find me on June 1st with a big drink in the sun somewhere, to be sure.

*Sangria made with Gewürztraminer, strawberries and raspberries. Which was ridiculously good.



  1. That’s impressive. I’m big on social drinking too, and I feel weird going to a bar and not having anything to drink. And I don’t like soda. Good luck!

  2. I picked up a trick from another friend of mine, which is the beauty of seltzer water with lime. It completely looks like an alcoholic drink, and is still yummy. Then again, I love bubbles. So this works out fantastically for me.

    My mother is perturbed: we usually spend Mother’s Day having garlic fries and beer at Gordon Biersch, and if I try and keep the ban on fried foods (which I am considering), then I have effectively ruined Mother’s Day. I simply pointed out that now I can just drive her around and we don’t need to have our inevitable discussion about what to do while we sober up.

    Of course, this month is also Cinco de Mayo. I am dumb.

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