I live somewhere!

April 16, 2008

Ever since I moved into the House of Puppy Dogs and Rainbows, there has been some debate as to where, exactly, I live. The listing was in the craigslist Twin Peaks/Diamond Heights region, but I’m a little downhill from that. Someone else told me it was Upper Market. Another suggested Ashbury Heights. Another said Castro. But we were all wrong, at least according to Yahoo.

I live in Corona Heights! (Scroll out a factor or two, and you can see Yahoo’s neighborhood designations.)

I find this interesting because (a) no one has even mentioned the possibility and (b) I know NOTHING about Corona Heights. Also, I kind of feel like I’m a little dangle in the neighborhood, like Yahoo wasn’t sure, so they just tacked us on. If I tell people I live there, will they know what I’m talking about, or should I just keep up my usual cry of “between Castro and Twin Peaks.”

Also, for you stalkery types, that map isn’t to my apartment, but rather a nearby cross street. Please don’t come to my house. I’ll sic my mouse on you.



  1. Hmm. I don’t think I’ve ever even heard of Corona Heights but as long as it’s in SF it’s an awesome place to live!

  2. damn. I’ve never even heard of Corona Heights. Ha!

    also, did you notice how close you live to Grattan Elementary? It’s so close!

  3. Jenny – agreed. So long as I know how to find it in the dark, I don’t care what my neighborhood is called.

    Brandi – is that where the kidlet is going? I walk/drive past there all the time on my way to the boy’s house or Sarah’s house.

  4. Check out the SF Public Library Historical Photographs site. Image AAB-6201 might be close. Also Douglass, Danvers, more… Recently lost an evening trying to reconcile then-and-now for Perego Terrace.
    AAB-6201 Market at 18th, looking NE

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