News you will hear nowhere else

April 10, 2008

Via a private electronic correspondence from my beloved:

I knew today would be a nightmare – in case you haven’t noticed, that damn Olympic torch route starts literally across the street from my work, at 1:00, when I’m supposed to show up. So I left at 11:00, giving myself two hours for a 30 minute trip. It was fun, stupid fucking white people using the stupid fucking Tibetan flag as stupid fucking capes – capes! Like they’re Supersherpa from the planet Tibetron – packing the train. Of course there were serious delays, and one of the theories among the protesters was Muni “didn’t want them to go to the protest,” but the protest itself that was blocking the tracks. All subway trains were canceled and I had to take a bus. No problem – I had time.

I got to work a little before 1:00. There are thousands of people around, protesting China, Darfur, and strangely Vietnamese fishermen (no joke). Amid all the shouting, a strange but familiar, and very loud song started blasting from Current building. Everybody hushed and looked up. NEVER GONNA GIVE YOU UP, NEVER GONNA LET YOU DOWN NEVER GONNA RUN AROUND AND DESERT YOU. Someone at Current set up big ass speakers and Rickrolled the motherfuckers. The Darfur guy picked me, for some reason, to ask them to turn it off. I said no.

Finally, I saw the torch get lit. Big music, lots of shouting, a little jogging…and then she ran into a warehouse. That’s it. That was half an hour ago. She’s still in there



  1. that wasn’t Current – it was the nutjobs at Splunk 😉

  2. Well damn. Evidently my boyfriend doesn’t know what’s going on in his own work building. However, posting this has made this the most popular thing I’ve ever thrown on the internet.

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